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Welcome to our Preschool!

It's no secret that data shows that kids who attend preschool are more prepared for kindergarten than those who don't. That's why we do everything to make our preschool programs perfect for your child's overall development. Your child will experience hands-on activities, social and emotional development, a stable routine, independence, and leadership skills! We provide plenty of opportunities for structured instruction as well as play time. After all, kids their age should be playing! We focus on social skills and the basics of math, reading, and science, and social studies. We would love to have your child join our family. Enroll now and watch them grow!

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Small Class Size

Each room will have 24 children or less with one adult for every 10 kids!

Creative Curriculum poster

Creative Curriculum

We use Creative Curriculum. Nurturing and imaginative with a focus on Social and Emotional learning, literacy, mathematics, and Project Based Learning

Natural Playground at Marlette

Natural Playground

Nature-inspired playgrounds are beneficial for children!

  • They Are Inclusive and Accessible.

  • They Encourage Children to Play Creatively.

  • They Promote Active Play.

  • They Foster a Social Environment.

  • They Allow Children to Learn More About Nature.



Sometimes transitioning from preschool to elementary can be hard. That's why we integrate our preschool program with our elementary. Preschool is housed in the same building as elementary, and some experiences are shared by both!

Our Program Options

Raider Preschool-Tuition Class

3 and 4 years. Applications are available at the school for pick-up

  • Bullet points to give an overview of what is involved in this program

Great Start Readiness Program-GSRP

4 years

  • Bullet points to give an overview of what is involved in this program

NEMSCA Head Start

3 and 4 years

  • Bullet points to give an overview of what is involved in this program


Step 1

Get paperwork and documents ready.
Contact Tiffany Brooks.
Fill out an application

Step 2

You will receive a call from a teacher notifying you on which programs your child qualifies for.

Step 3

Complete all paperwork
in-person visit


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Tiffany Brooks

Preschool Director

989-635-7425, ext. 44979