News & Updates

Physical Information
Physicals are required before student athletes can begin practices. Physical cards are available at school offices.

Registration Fees
All athletes are now required to pay a registration fee. The fee is $20 for junior high school students and $30 for high school students. To pay online go to Efunds and process a payment under Athletic Registrations (near the bottom of the list). There is a nominal fee applied to the payment.

Sports Boosters
The Marlette Sports Boosters are for more details on how you can become involved!


Saturday, February 10th, 2024

Cost $10 (Ages 13 and up)

$5 (Ages 8-12) Mini Tournament

Registration and Pairing 9:00-9:50am

Introduction and Rule Overview- 9:50am

Games Begins 10:00am

Lunch Delivered/Served 11:30am-1:30pm

Questions or to Pre-Register by emailing

We will have multiple consoles, if there is not a mutual decision in a matchup then coin flip will determine the console of choice.

Teams are chosen based on coin flip. Winner of coin flip can choose team first or second, they can also decide random for both teams. Winner will also be the HOME team

Champion will receive git cards and a trophy.